Windows 7 End of Sale

Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will no longer be available to be purchased with new hardware as of the 31st October 2016. End of sale refers to the date when a particular version of Windows is no longer shipped to retailers or Original Equipment Manufacturers (such as HP and Toshiba). Originally released on October

Hoax SMS Targeting ANZ Customers

ANZ customers have been tageted in a broad sms campaign by malicious individuals. This phishing attack is an attempt to get customer to reveal their banking information to the hackers via encouraging them to log onto what is designed to look like thje official ANZ webpage and then input their banking login details. Once the

Greenacres Mountain 2 Mountain Challenge 2016 Rap-Up

In the middle of the winter months some brave 1,000+ people participated in this year’s Mountain 2 Maintain Challenge once again in support of Greenacres Disability Services. As the same with last year, Unitech Solutions entered our team for this fun, fast and supportive cause. We were privilege this year to have a few extra

Netflix Users Targeted by Recent Scam

Netflix is currently enjoying its popularity as Australia’s and the world’s most popular streaming service. While this popularity has led to soaring profits for the media giant, it has also garnered the company with some unwanted attention. A recent scam targeting Netflix users has been masquerading as an official company email and has been informing

Meraki Wireless Access Points

With the emergence of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), most businesses have started rolling out Wi-Fi solutions in order to enable better mobility, versatility, and user enablement within the workplace. However, while this dynamic device solution makes it easier to engage employees, it’s common to see a blowout of devices and traffic on the Wi-Fi

Fake ACCC Emails are Spreading Malware

Malicious emails have been have been sent to individuals and businesses claiming to be from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. These emails include malware that infect the targets computer if opened. The email looks deceptively like an email from the ACCC and encourages the user to “read more”. It has a link to a

Fake Job Ads Stealing Identities and Money

A spate of malicious advertisements have recently appeared in newspapers and on job seeking sites. These ads look like legitimate offers for employment, and can easily deceive unwary individuals. Criminals are targeting popular job seeking services like,, and, with advertisements claiming to be from reputable companies and job seeking agencies. This is