Greenacres Mountain 2 Mountain Challenge 2016 Rap-Up


Greenacres Mountain 2 Mountain Challenge 2016 Rap-Up

In the middle of the winter months some brave 1,000+ people participated in this year’s Mountain 2 Maintain Challenge once again in support of Greenacres Disability Services. As the same with last year, Unitech Solutions entered our team for this fun, fast and supportive cause.

We were privilege this year to have a few extra people join the Unitech team to make our total number of participate 7. With the increased number, we were even more determined than ever to attempt the mountain again and beat our times from last year.

It was a much chiller morning then last year, with temperatures in the low teens. We braved the cloudy, cold weather and pushed up the mountain once again…

For participates from last year, 2 out of 3 beat their times, which is an awesome achievement! The third person was close, only missing out by a few minutes. Many weeks of hard training and fitness work was put into ensuring a solid effort was made and a job well done to everyone who committed to the event.

For the new comers, they did really well (despite warning them of the tough uphill start of the course). They all completed the event injury free and now have their own goals to beat next year.

A huge thank you to all those who joined in with the Unitech team and for those who supported us with sponsorship. Your donations have gone towards a great cause and will help Greenacres to build new facilities to improve the lives of people living and working with a disability in the Illawarra area.

The team at Unitech Solutions will be back again next year to tackle the mountain again, but in the meantime, here are a few happy snaps of our team on the day. Enjoy!