Netflix Users Targeted by Recent Scam


Netflix Users Targeted by Recent Scam

Netflix is currently enjoying its popularity as Australia’s and the world’s most popular streaming service. While this popularity has led to soaring profits for the media giant, it has also garnered the company with some unwanted attention.

A recent scam targeting Netflix users has been masquerading as an official company email and has been informing it’s targets that their “Netflix membership on hold” (sic), and encourages the recipient to follow links presented in the email through to a website that looks identical to the Netflix home page and login section. The user is then encouraged to “login” to Netflix, at which point the user’s account name and password are skimmed.

If you have received an email stating that there has been difficulties with your account or asking you to reset a password, the best course of action is not to click on any links contained within the email, and instead go straight to the company’s website (i.e.

If you have clicked on the links contained in the email and are concerned that you may have had your account information skimmed, immediately go to the official company site, and reset your password. If you’re concerned that the email may have downloaded malicious software onto your computer, call Unitech Solutions on 1300 IT HELP (1300 47 4357).