ANZ customers have been tageted in a broad sms campaign by malicious individuals. This phishing attack is an attempt to get customer to reveal their banking information to the hackers via encouraging them to log onto what is designed to look like thje official ANZ webpage and then input their banking login details. Once the malicious individuals have received the login information, they can start transfering money in and out of your account, and will likely change the password in order to prevent the rightfull owner of the account accessing it.

If you have received one of these messages, please call ANZ’s helpdesk on 13 22 73 immediately. They will be able to assist you in locking down your account, and changing details so that the malicious idividuals cannot access your financial information.

Never click on links in unsolicited emails or text messages as they can often contain malicious downloads or phishing tools designed to steal your personal information. If you have clicked on the links contained in the email and are concerned that you may have had your account information skimmed, immediately go to the official company site, and reset your password. If you’re concerned that the email may have downloaded malicious software onto your computer, call Unitech Solutions on 1300 IT HELP (1300 47 4357).