Back in June we warned of cyber criminals targeting AGL customers with a malicious email attack. This campaign has fired up again with renewed vigor. A mass email has been sent out that appears to be an electronic bill from AGL. It claims to be a monthly bill as well as an energy management service, and prompts the reader to click through to be able to access this data in full.


Once the user has clicked through to the supporting website, it will attempt to download a .zip file which contains a Java script. When this script has been extracted and run, it will launch a cryptolocker virus. Cryptolocker viruses are malicious software that attempts to lock down a user’s computer and data, then demands a ransom to have it unlocked and the data restored. If the ransom is paid, the computer may be restored to its original functionality, however there are many examples where the criminals have either demanded additional money or have just deleted all the data on the machine.


If you have found that your machine has been infected with a cryptolocker virus, contact Unitech Solution on 1300 IT HELP (1300 484 357). We have experience dealing with this type of virus, and if contacted early enough, we may be able to save your data before it’s too late.


As always, if you receive an email from a sender that you don’t know do not open it or any attachments. Delete the email straight away.