About Us

About Us

Unitech Solutions is an independent Information Communication Technology (ICT) consultant company with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We have offices in Sydney and Wollongong with strategic alliances in Europe, USA and Asia. We use our experience, expertise and industry focus to develop and deliver Smart Solutions specialising in the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) markets. This enables us to help create value through the effective alignment of ICT and business strategies.

Smart Solutions Strategic Advantage

Technological progress has been the biggest driving force behind economic growth since 1990.

Organisations with ICT that are well aligned with good business strategy are more productive, grow faster and are more profitable.

Technology that is selected, designed and implemented well, brings growth, profit and competitive advantage.

ICT services provide a competitive advantage and are a primary component for delivering innovative cost effective business services. Unitech Solutions is driven by first understanding your business strategy and needs, then matching them with effective and efficient ICT solutions resulting in maximum value and strategic advantage so your organisation has the competitive edge over the competition.

For more effective and timely access to relevant information, ICT programs and services need to have seamless integration and alignment with existing business processes. This in turn results in better decision making while maintaining ‘lower system costs’ and ‘improved IT security’.

ICT should be adapted to meet your business needs.

The Agile Business Thrives

For business managers it’s important that the structure of software solutions are based on the strategy and structure of the business. When this is the case, the business becomes agile and increases its competitive advantage, allowing a more rapid response to opportunities and potential clients.

ICT is a critical strategic advantage that enables you to out perform the competition and exceed client expectations.

Unitech delivers Smart Solutions for business, government, not-for-profit and academic organisations.

Meet the Team

Vince Iacovelli

Managing Director

Vince Iacovelli is Managing Director of Unitech Solutions.

Vince has over 30 years experience in the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector. He has worked with multinationals in technical support, Research & Development, product development and business operations.

Vince worked at Olivetti as a Hardware Development Engineer, in the gaming industry as head of hardware and software development, in the role of State Government Technical Officer.

He has performed ICT consulting work in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan and USA.

Vince has a Diploma in Engineering and is an Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Engineers Australia (AMIEAust) in the ITEE College (Information Technology Electrical and Electronics).

Industry qualifications: Microsoft, Citrix/XenApps, VMware, HP and Cisco

Vince is always involved with clients at a strategic level to better understand their business requirements and identify best solutions to exceed client expectations. He helps business to succeed in a competitive environment and outperform their competition with effective and efficient solutions.

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Gordon Krstevski

Service Manager

Gordon has held the positions of Network Engineer, Senior Architecture Engineer and now Service Manager in Unitech over 10 years.

Gordon has experience on a wide range of projects including Local, Metro and Wide area networks, risk management systems and Cloud solutions for a multitude of small, medium and large organisations and has been involved in all aspects of the design, implementation and rollout for each individual client.

Industry qualifications: Microsoft, Citrix/XenApps, VMware, HP & Cisco.

As the Service Manager, Gordon leads the engineering division and is heavily involved in the solutions design process to ensure ‘best outcomes’ for clients.

Gordon focuses on getting strategic insights into client operations, culture and objectives to design and select best solutions for clients that will exceed their business objectives.

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Luke Iacovelli

Sales Manager

Luke has worked in administration, finance, sales, marketing & project deployment. For the last 7 years he has been the Unitech Sales Manager.

Luke has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (majoring in Business Management), knowledge of business management, corporate law and finance, as well as technology in the market place has giving Luke a broader understanding on the scope of each individual client.

Industry qualifications: Microsoft, HP, VMware and Citrix.

As the Sales Manager, Luke is responsible for working closely with his sales team to deliver efficient, cost effective solutions to meet the clients’ needs and requirements.

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